One great thing about Net-Tell LLC that customers appreciate is the large number of free features they receive as part of their service package. In fact, they get so many great features for free, many swear that Net-Tell LLC offers the best home phone service they have ever used, even though they save a ton of money. Another great aspect of Net-Tell LLC phone service comes when they use their service and everything everything works as it did before.

That is the whole idea, after all. Net-Tell LLC believes that saving money on phone service is a good deal, but it’s not a great deal unless you get more for your money. The
only real difference between Net-Tell LLC and most local phone companies is the way they route calls. Net-Tell LLC uses VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol technology to route calls over the internet. That may sound complicated, but then, do you really understand how a regular phone works? You dial a number, the person on the other end picks up and you talk. That’s all you do with Net-Tell LLC.

Once you sign up for a Net-Tell LLC phone plan, the company sends you a box with simple instructions. Setup is easy and once that’s complete, you use the same phone and dial numbers the same way you always have. You send and receive calls and those on the other end has no idea that anything has changed. That is why Net-Tell LLC has become a leader in the business of low-cost home telephone service. Not only are all domestic calls unlimited and free of long distance charges, but they also have some of the lowest rates for international calls and a number of free services many phone companies tend to add to your bill.