The first thing they notice is the price. In addition to unlimited calling minutes for calls made within the United States, Net-Tell LLC customers also see the lowest rates anywhere for international calls. Net-Tell LLC also provides every customer with a host of free services that many traditional phone companies charge extra to get, if they’re even available. And while Net-tell customers save a lot of money with their calling plans, they see virtually no loss of quality in neither the calling experience nor the quality of the special features.

In reality, a large number of Net-Tell LLC customers claim they are receiving the best phone service they have ever had, and all at a significant cost savings. In other words, they will likely forget they switched phone companies until the bill comes, and it’s a lot lower than it used to be. And all because they use an existing broadband router to send calls over then Internet. This is the way to go, as far as Net-Tell LLC’s customers are concerned.