One way Net-Tell LLC saves their customershundreds of dollars per year over their local phone company is because they are a pioneer in the use of VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, technology to route calls over the Internet. That saves them a lot, and they happily pass on those savings to the people who trust them for home phone service. Despite the fact that they save so much, though, most Net-Tell LLC customers report getting the best phone service ever.

All Net-Tell LLC customers get unlimited calling at a flat rate with no domestic long distance charges, in addition to the lowest available international calling rates. There is no difference in call quality when using Net-Tell LLC, except that it might even be better. You use the same phone you always did and you dial numbers the same as you did before. All you get is phone service at a cheaper price, which means you get more for less money. That’s a great thing for everyone, especially the elderly relative who is usually spooked by technology.