If you are lucky enough to note care whether or not you can save hundreds of dollars on phone service every year, then you probably won’t care about Net-Tell LLC. However, that is a small group of people. Virtually everyone wants to have a little extra money in the budget to either put into savings or to use on something fun. That is what makes the phone service provided by Net-tell LLC such a great deal. Because they use the Internet to route phone calls, Net-Tell LLC sees a lot of cost savings over the course of a year and they are happy to pass those savings on to customers.

Start with the fact that Net-Tell LLC subscribers receive an unlimited flat-rate calling plan with no long distance charges. That means they can talk to Aunt Mabel as long as they want without having to worry about running up a huge bill. Not only that, but Net-Tell LLC also throws in many great features for free that many other phone companies charge a fee for, if they’re available at all, including an amazing state-of-the-art enhanced voicemail system that is so good, many customers consider it better than the phone company’s.