Nett-Tell LLC provides reliable VOIP phone service using your existing internet, installation of a simple adapter, and a free 30 day trail. This service is a simple way of using your installed broadband internet to open up your phone to low cost, low maintenance phone service with advanced features. Nett-Tell LLC phone plans come with many of the standard features like call forwarding, caller ID, three way calling or conference calling but it also includes some advanced features like blacklisting numbers that you don’t want to hear from, blocking calls from callers that have their caller ID blocked, putting your phone on do not disturb so that your calls go directly to voicemail and having an in-depth and accurate call log. If VOIP services make you nervous because your internet provider has technical difficulties at times, Nett-Tell LLC makes it possible to include a failover number that your incoming calls will be forwarded to in the case of any internet failures. Checking your voicemail can be done in many different ways. You can use the phone, your special online portal, or have them sent to your email so you can check them when you are away from the location of your VOIP through Nett-Tell LLC. Questions or technical problems can be address by contacting them directly through their toll free number or contacting them through email.